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About Project

Residential part of the «Ortachala Residence» starts from the 4th floor. The residence can offer a wide range of apartments with different area and panoramic views of all parts of the city that can satisfy any potential client. The building is equipped with comfortable rapid passenger and service elevators. The residents are also provided with the concierge service and access to the playground and outdoor recreational zone located on the backside of the house. The building also provides access to the two-level underground car parking.

Project Advantages

The «Ortachala Residence» is constructed using certified and environmentally friendly materials with application of modern and innovative solutions that make the residence more durable, energy efficient and comfortable for both life and work. Thus, the building can fully match the needs of its future inhabitants.


For the project we use innovative and high quality systems and materials. As fro the Interior and exterior we use natural stone materials and ceramic gratin.


Playground will be decorated by highly skilled landscape designer.

Car Parking

Two floor underground parking has possibility of basement species where can be stored seasonal, household and personal inventory.


The entrance to the office block is separated from the residential part and decorated as a comfortable business lounge. Central entrance of the building is cladded with natural stone that combined with the elements of modern and light leaded pane give the building its exclusive appearance.




Phone Number 597888555

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Adress Tbilisi , Ortachala Gulua st. 11/15

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